Polyvore’s Image Masking (or someone I am really proud of)

before after

Cindy is a member of Polyvore’s awesome engineering team.  She just put up a post on our eng blog about how she improved Polyvore’s automatic image background removal tool. This level of attention to detail and polish has always made me proud. The change was part of a larger project to enhance the overall image quality on Polyvore and I hope she will get around to writing the entire series of posts.

Under the Hood: How we Mask our Images

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  1. Hi Pasha, thanks for having found/co-found Polyvore. As a fashion blogger, it really makes a difference in what I serve my readers. It also leaves out the need to use/buy software like AI/Photoshop/InDesign if you just want to arrange stuff. Can I suggest that we have an option of saving the sets in JPeg, GIF or even PDF? You could automatically add a Polyvore mark by the side if you want. This helps bloggers use the images in Google+ or even as a FB profile pic. Just a tought. Thanks again!

  2. background removal tool is very useful for photographers… Thanks for Sharing…

  3. Clipping path serve the very important role to enhanced the images. Clipping path will give you a different look to your images.

  4. Clipping path play vital role to remove and clipping image that you want. Before masking, clipping path must essention.

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